How to Add Animal Prints to Your Wardrobe this Spring February 19 2020

Bold animal prints aren’t always immediately thought of as “spring” sort of trend. Spring is known for its delicate, airy hues. Soft shades of champagne, peach, and lavender emerge from budding flowers. Tumbling creams and blues saturate the cloudy skies. It’s no wonder why the fashion world’s chosen approach to the season largely consists of a palette of pastels accented by dainty patterns and frills. Even so, that doesn’t mean that animal prints have no place in your springtime wardrobe. There are a number of fun ways to breathe some wildlife into your outfits and reinvent your style during the season of new beginnings.

Keep it Subtle

If you’re looking to add a little refined flair to your outfit that still complements the soft hues of spring, consider a modest reptile print. Intricate yet understated, these types of prints come in a wide variety of colors and shades, but if you want an especially subtle interpretation that blends well with pastels, stick with colors like taupe, porcelain, and smoky gray. An snake print maxi dress adds just enough texture to your look to make it interesting. Keep it casual with a simple sandal, or add heels and a statement pair of earrings to exude elegance at your next springtime brunch. For more casual outings, a animal print blouse will provide as a unique ornament to your outfit, while still evoking the lace accents popular during this season. Of course, you’re not limited to reptile prints. A muted leopard print will have a similar effect. Don’t be afraid to experiment!